About me


I am Matthias Zielinski and welcome to my personal portfolio website. I am a coder with all my heart.

Currently I am working on my bachelors degree in computer science which I expect to obtain in August 2021.

Besides my bachelors study I work at the test department at a company in the automotive industry.

Working there has allowed me to get insights into microcontroller programming, testing with the hardware-in-the-loop technique and the AUTOSAR automotive standard. To get more information about the projects I used to work on or actively work on right now, visit the Projects page of this website.

Besides my study and work I try to educate myself on different topics in the computer science field. Right now I am planning to get comofortable with C++ and Java, since those are the languages I would like to work with in the future. In case you want tofind out more about my skills and experience visit my CV page.

When not coding, studying or working (which is coding aswell) I play the world’s most complex game called Magic: The Gathering with my friends.

Want to find out more about my person or get in contact? Feel free to use the contact form!

Thanks for visiting my website.